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  • 73% of US businesses already use SaaS!
  • $2 trillion in untapped digital potential awaits Indian SaaS firms.
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  • 749 million strong internet user base
  • 63 million SMEs in India! This tech-savvy population creates a goldmine for B2B startups offering innovative solutions.
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Our Best Foot Forward For Startups

Our data-driven campaigns across Facebook, Google, and more supercharged Edvanza's beta launch, generating 45M impressions, driving 1.5M app installs, and acquiring 38,704 sign-ups across India, UK, and Nigeria.

Edvanza Platform Launch

Our targeted campaigns across 9 countries skyrocketed user acquisition for TeleDNA's NowConfer app, achieving over 89M impressions and 340,000+ app installs. Advanced analytics optimized campaigns for maximum user engagement.

User Acquisition for
TeleDNA's NowConfer App

Our strategic Facebook and Google Ads campaigns propelled GradeUp's growth, reaching 6.5M+ users, generating 16,000+ app sign-ups, and driving 319 mock test purchases (with a staggering 165% ROI on Google Ads).

Performance Marketing for
GradeUp Mobile App

We fast-tracked lead generation for HealthCube by leveraging our doctor database and tele-outreach expertise. This streamlined approach secured meetings with qualified leads, accelerating sales cycles for their innovative smart diagnostics service.

Lead Generation for HealthCube

Kestone's multi-channel outreach strategy supercharged KareXpert's lead qualification process. We identified and nurtured leads through email and telephony, connecting them directly with KareXpert's sales team. This targeted approach ensured KareXpert reached the right decision-makers, maximizing their digital healthcare platform's sales potential.

Multi-channel Lead Generation for

To propel MyBenefits.ai’s expansion in India, we launched a strategic PR campaign to boost brand awareness, followed by dedicated sales outreach to hospitals, showcasing the platform's value and driving sign-ups. This two-pronged approach is paving the way for MyBenefits.ai's success in the Indian market.

PR Campaign for MyBenefits.ai's Growth
in India

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