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Online Numerology Webinar and Workshop for Destiny Science

How We Drove Registrations And Attendees for the Online Workshop and Webinar of Destiny Science.
Online Numerology Webinar and Workshop for Destiny Science

Destiny Science wanted to drive registrations and attract attendees for their Numerology and Vastu workshops and sell the courses to the people interested in learning Numerology and Vastu in Tier 1 and 2 cities of India.

We executed an audience generation strategy through paid ads and much more to attract attendees for the webinars interested in numerology. The approach was focussed on full funnel optimization and the communication talked about how people can know about their health, relationships, professional careers from their date of birth.

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  • ClientDestiny Science
  • IndustryAstrology
  • ServicesAudience Generation, Performance Marketing
Kestone Impact
  • 203 Million+ Impressions
  • 83 Million+ Campaign Reach
  • 2,18,620 Registrations
  • 55,000+​​ Attendees for Webinars
  • Approx. 3,000 Courses Sold
  • Approx. 3cr Revenue Generated