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Explore new realm of online events and move to a digital event platform.

Webinar, Virtual Event, or a Virtual Conference, how does your next corporate event look like?

Its time to give your townhalls, product launches and seminars an online address and use the flexibility of digital content.

LIVE stream your videos or schedule pre-recorded ones, enable private chat rooms or have public virtual networking; control your events the way you want, with a click of a button, literally.

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Hands down, here’s the world’s most customizable virtual event platform

Don’t limit yourself to the old-school indoor conferences. Think outdoors, think café lounges; you have done it for your physical events, haven’t you? Why not do it here as well in the virtual world !


Got a small event with 50 attendees or a large one with 5,000? Online conferences, virtual townhalls, virtual job fairs or an online training program, the possibilities are endless.
Here are a few to inspire you

Digital Product Launch

Reach your audience globally and showcase your new product or release an update. Couple it with the power of Augmented Reality and share 3D product replicas with your customers digitally.

Virtual Conference

Invite speakers, exhibitors and sponsors, dress-up your event with various branding touch points and host multi-track sessions for your next Partner Meet, AGM, or Leadership Summit.

Online Training & Workshops

Connect with students, teachers, employees or trade partners for online training sessions and conduct workshops with the ease of digital logins.


Carefully planted touch-points to ensure return
on every dollar spent

Multiple Tracks

The platform allows for as many parallel tracks or sessions as you may want. A series of videos streamed LIVE or played pre-recorded in each track, ensures you have prospects being warmed-up to become leads.

Social Media & Networking Centre

Allow attendees to engage in group conversations or have one-on-one chats to talk business. Social Media integration further ensures they never miss a beat.

Exhibitor Booths & Resource Centre

Bring sponsors on board just like for any physical event and give them branded virtual booths to showcase their products and interact with ‘walking-in’ customers with a dedicated private chat room.

Upload resources you want your attendees to download such as whitepapers, presentations or tutorials. Add web links you want them to visit.

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Video On Demand

LIVE session is always more interactive and fun to be in with other attendees in the room. Just in case an attendee misses that, Video on Demand ensures he or she can access it anytime post session’s scheduled time.

Push Notifications

Send customized Push Notifications to attendees and let them feel they are being 'cared to' even in a virtual environment. Monitor traffic in different rooms at the backend and send notifications to drive traffic to the rooms you want, at the time you want.

Polls, Quizzes & Leaderboards

Add layers of gamification to your events with audience polls, quizzes & hashtag contests.

Delegates get to cast their votes as speakers stream their video and throw questions to the audience for their opinion.

Points are allotted for delegate’s interactions at every touchpoint (video view, whitepaper download, chat participation, you name it) to maintain a Leaderboard anyone would want to top.

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Innovations in virtual events, backed by impeccable technologies, have never come before on a platter like this

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Kestone Virtual Event Platform

Things we deliver while delivering a virtual event

Platform Design & Branding

3D layouts for all rooms including Lobby, Auditorium, Tracks, and Exhibitor Booths. Pick from available templates or get a customized design. Add branding touch points.

Platform Configuration & Technical Support

Pick and drop required features at a room level. Complete technical support for configuring and scheduling videos on streaming servers.

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analytics at an aggregate and attendee level such as rooms visited, average video watch time, resources downloaded, chat logs and event feedback.

Speed and Security

With cloud hosted platform architecture, CDN server configuration and GDPR compliant attendee registration process, access speed, data security and user privacy are inherent to the platform.

Audience Generation (Optional)

Tell us the demographics, profile, industries and geographies to be targeted and we will see to it that the rooms are full.

Event Marketing (Optional)

E-mail Invites, SMS Reminders, Social Media promotions or digital amplifications; marketing your virtual event is on us.

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Virtual Event Case Study

Dell Design Circle The Thinking Forum

The core objective of Design Circle was to bring together the leading IT & Design heads of the country and create a powerful impact of design & technology together.

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Virtual Event Case Study

Dell EMC Virtual Event with Demand Generation

The initiative provided a robust platform to network & interact with prospects, hold meaningful conversations through panel discussions and engage with the target audience through a repository of customized content.

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