Creative. Innovative. Imaginative. Period.

24 years into sales & marketing, a lifetime into building campaigns. That’s pretty much in brief ‘about us’.

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Integrated Sales and Marketing Agency
We are Good at Marketing and Better at Integrated Marketing

We are a bunch of storytellers, technologists, and relentlessly curious minds. We are creative designers, techno-marketers and almost religious about inbound marketing and inside sales programs.


We Help You Sell More and Sell Better
Story Tellers
With creativity, technology and everything in between, we love discovering new ways of building consumer connections.

We’re committed to the cause of making a positive impact in your business. From creating awareness about your products to nurturing prospects and making them your brand advocates, we leverage every tool in a marketer’s tool-kit to deliver integrated sales & marketing campaigns.

Since 1997, it’s been 24 years of living our dream, of being the marketing custodians for some of the biggest global B2B and B2C brands.

Give your Business a New Virtual address

A truly immersive and intuitive virtual universe for your business. Now you can connect with your audience at scale, in interactive and meaningful ways like never before with the three products under our virtual universe – VOSMOS.



Virtual Events
Kestone Virtual Events
Explore new realm of virtual events and move to a virtual events platform.

Hands down, here’s the world’s most customizable virtual event platform. LIVE stream your videos or schedule pre-recorded ones, enable private chat rooms or have public virtual networking; control your events the way you want, with a click of a button, literally.

Don’t limit yourself to the old-school indoor conferences. Think outdoors, think café lounges; you have done it for your physical events, haven’t you? Why not do it here as well in the virtual world!

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Kestone Webinars
A webinar platform that enables you to just plug & play, your way!

Bring a zing to your Webinars. Hosting one has never been this easy. Deep dive into an immersive brand experience with the Kestone Webinar Platform.

More than just a platform to connect, the webinar platform is built for a comprehensive webinar experience, powered by customized engagement options, real-time analytics, and flexible plug-n-play features.

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Kestone Webinar
Kestone Virtual Events DIY
Kestone Virtual Events DIY
Since our foundation in 2005 our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences.

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Recognitions which Made us Proud

Our quest to offer innovative solutions and achieve excellence in the marketing technology space, has earned us some coveted industry recognitions which we would like to share with you.​

Research and Markets
Coverage in Research & Markets Global Virtual Events Report

Kestone has been recognized as one of the key global players in the global virtual events market by Research & Markets, the world’s largest research store in their latest report on Global Virtual Events Market.

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Coverage in Global Virtual Event Market Research Report

Kestone has been mentioned as one of the key global players in the Global Virtual Events market by Intelligence Market Report in their recent report for Global Virtual Event Platform Market.

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Martech Awards
Recognition as Martech Vendor of the Year 2021

Kestone has been recognized as India Founded Martech Vendor of the Year at Exchange for Media’s Martech Awards 2021 for building an entirely home-grown Virtual Event Platform

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Add complete flexibility to your virtual event experiences as this platform provides interoperability with most popular collaboration tools, streaming services and marketing automation software

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Explore possibilities of a Virtual Event Platform

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