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How we drove awareness and increased usage of Cambridge Core platform in colleges and universities by launching #BrightSpark - a monthly quiz contest for researchers.
#BrightSpark: A monthly episodic Quiz Contest for Researchers

Cambridge wanted to drive awareness and usage of the Cambridge Core platform among Researchers.​

Cambridge Core is a product offered by Cambridge University Press that aids in finding valuable, useful, and inspirational research and academic information. With over 1.8 million journal articles and 46,000+ books.

Here we created a landing page - for the campaign with a detailed user journey to navigate through the platform and consume more content on Cambridge Core and taking the quiz.

Kestone leveraged community engaging content on social media, driven by the quiz platform, and drove traffic to the Cambridge Core platform, thereby, increased its overall usage and awareness among researchers in institutes and universities. We delivered 4,000,000+ impressions, 33,000 clicks, and 30+ users participating in the quiz.

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  • ClientCambridge University Press​
  • IndustryEducation
  • Target MarketResearchers, Librarians, PHD Students, Academic Peers​
  • ServicesSocial Media Marketing, Community Management ​
Kestone Impact
  • 4,000,000+ Impressions 
  • 33,000 Clicks
  • 30,000+ Website Page Views