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E-Commerce Marketing for Vikram Tea

How we managed to secure top Amazon & Flipkart ratings and 7x ROAS for a Tea Company in India.
E-Commerce Marketing for Vikram Tea

Our digital marketing team successfully managed e-commerce advertising campaigns for Vikram Tea on Amazon and Flipkart, achieving a remarkable 7x return on advertising spend (ROAS).


Through targeted strategies, we optimized product listings, implemented effective keyword targeting, and leveraged sponsored ads to boost visibility and drive sales. By closely monitoring performance metrics and constantly refining our approach, we ensured maximum ROI for our client.

Our expertise in leveraging the power of Amazon and Flipkart platforms allowed us to significantly amplify the brand’s online presence and deliver exceptional results.

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  • ClientVikram Tea
  • IndustryFMCG
  • ServicesE-Com Marketing
Kestone Impact
  • ROAS: 7x