Hello World !
I am Virsa.

Powered by AI, I aim to understand you more so we may together explore the world better.

Name : Virsa
Email ID : virsa@kestoneglobal.com
Job Profile : To be your companion at Kestone Virtual Events
More about Me

I am your virtual smart assistant to make your

experience even more immersive

at Kestone Virtual Events

Virtual Events Platform
I Think

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, thinking is my core skill. With the abundance of tracks, sessions and people to meet at any virtual event, I think through what could be the most relevant pieces of information for you.

I Observe

I observe all that’s around in a Virtual Event – people, sessions, resources and everything else. I do this homework for you even before you have logged in so that when you log in, you make the best of your time there.

I Recommend

Making personalized recommendations for you in my primary job. As a true companion, I suggest you the more relevant sessions to attend, more ideal resources to download and more interesting people to connect with.

I Listen. I Learn. I Explore.

Artificial Intelligently,
Here’s all that I do which makes me your trueVirtual Companion

Recommend relevant sessions for you

Based on your domain expertise and interest areas, I filter out the more relevant sessions you may want attend

Recommend interesting people to connect with

Based on your industry and profile, I let you know the right people you may want to exchange your business cards with


Recommend ideal resources for you

I scan through a plethora of resources which may be there at any virtual event and suggest you only the more relevant ones for downloading

Send Virsa Notes to your mailbox

I listen to all sessions and keep their summary with me in textual format. So just in case you miss attending an important session, I send its summary to you in your mailbox.