B2B Lead Generation

Dell Account Workshops

How we created an opportunity for the sales team for Dell's top accounts to have deeper product-based conversations and nurture the lead effectively
Dell Account Workshops

There was a lack of industry relevance for the Dell Precision workstation in the M&E space and Dell wanted to create a business pipeline for the Dell Precision workstation with Top Accounts in the Media & Entertainment space through focused workshops.​​

The workshop was aimed to drive conversations about the importance of emergent technologies in the M&E industry by creating awareness, intent & expertise​. The workshop series was customized for each organization, based on organizational vision & goals. This was done with the help of external industry experts 

Kestone planned the workshop at the organization’s premises for maximum participation and brought in software & hardware required for the workshop. This ensured enough trial runs, and smooth workshop delivery on the designated day of the workshop​. External subject-matter experts were also brought in to conduct the workshop along with a Dell Precision specialist, to ensure a perfect balance between workshop content & Dell Precision related conversations. A practical session was incorporated where participants created an output based on learningsfrom the workshop​.

  • ClientDell
  • IndustryMedia and Entertainment
  • Target MarketCIOs and Technical Teams
Kestone Impact
  • Created 2 formats of workshops as per organization’s requirement with the help of external industry experts.
  • Brought in external subject-matter experts to conduct the workshop.
  • Initiated meetings with key decision makers to understand organizational needs & tailor the workshops accordingly​.