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Audience generation for a platform which brings out exciting stories and experiences shared by the leading CIOs, and IT Heads on what the ``Future of Work`` entails.
Dell Open MIC Audience Generation

New realities change how we work and run our businesses every year. CIOs are at the centre of fast transformation efforts because these transformations call for a sharp focus on technology, services, security, policies, and culture. Dell Technologies innovates strategies to foster a collaborative environment that fosters growth and development. For this, Kestone created an intellectual property for Dell Technologies – “Open Mic”.

Dell Technologies is participating in this effort by introducing Open Mic with a special venue to encourage open discussion on bringing views to grasp what it takes to construct the ideal tech-driven work experience. ​ An audience generation program where leading CIOs and IT leaders share their stories and insights about what the Future of Work includes. Season 1 of Dell Open Mic includes future leaders like Kiran Belsekar, SVP – CISO & IT Governance, Aegon Life, Ravi Kalla, Head – IT & Process Automation (OT) at Anthem Biosciences Pvt Ltd, and Harish Sharma, CIO & CHRO of Toyota Finance Ltd.

For this program, a Podcast is launched where seven episodes of Dell Open Mic features a hero storyteller who describes their journey towards IT transformation. The opportunity to post questions for the speaker is extended to the spectators. After these episodes air, an Open Mic Forum is conducted where participants can ask questions and interact live with the featured storyteller. For more feasibility of our audience, this event is conducted both physically and virtually. Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai – each cities hosted these seven editions.

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