Audience Generation

Google Start Up Conclave

We Executed a Targeted Audience Generation, Generating a Steady Flow of Qualified Audience for Google Start-Up Conclave Event
Google Start Up Conclave

The event was focused on reaching out to Founders and CMOs of Start-ups in Retail and E-Commerce industry with the primary objective of communicating the message that how these Start-Ups can Drive Profitable Growth with Google’s AI-Powered Ads and leveraging the benefits of having Google as a trusted business partner and ultimately Google becoming their #1 digital marketing choice for future campaigns.

The event had a fireside chat, The Marketing Mindset for Startup Growth with industry leaders, Breakout Arena and Interactive zones such as Success Story Zone, Playbook Zone, and Fact Zone.

  • ClientGoogle
  • IndustryStart-Ups in Retail & E - Commerce
  • Target MarketFounders and CMOs
Kestone Impact
  • 90 attendees from 50 unique startups
  • 93% startups are keen to explore Google Ad products to solve for their MO
  • 92% startups are keen that Google Ad experts be a part of their journey
  • 86% startups plan to invest in Google Ad solutions in the next 6 months