B2B Lead Generation


How We Executed ThermoFisher's Lead Management Strategy Through Data-Driven Lead Generation Techniques and Extensive Tele-outreach.

Kestone played a pivotal role in Thermofisher’s lead management strategy through tele-outreach by identifying leads and assigning them to the respective sales team in their portal. We had a dedicated Divisional SPOC overseeing each division’s lead validation and managing the entire process from identification to sales closure.

Kestone ensured transparency and efficiency by delivering a weekly lead management dashboard to Thermofisher, enabling them to track progress. Additionally, we provided a timely TAT report, crucial for monitoring leads that require closure within 5 days.

Kestone’s responsibilities extend to managing Thermofisher’s toll-free numbers from sources such as Indiamart and their website, as well as maintaining Thermofisher’s lead portal for seamless lead updates and assignments.

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  • ClientThermoFisher
  • IndustryHealthcare, Academics, Pharma, Manufacturing, Forensic
  • Target ProfilesQA, QC, Analytical Development, R&D, Manufacturing, Purchase, Instrumentation, Production
Kestone Impact
  • 1,38,748 Client Data
  • 48,860 MQLs Generated
  • 17000 SQLs Generated
  • 1269 Conversions